What’s Our Story?
All our developed web, mobile, wearables, IoT applications successfully sustain and top-notches their competition specifically in the US along with the global market due to opening the liberty of innovation for our tech geeks, design enchanters and development intellectuals that have a profound experience and are renowned amongst the US clients.
What Drives Us?
Brainstorming is what we enjoy the most – every US client of ours has a different creative vision for the same concept. This is how we encounter the challenges at every stage of analysis for every project and rejoice the thrill to get to the best possible solution that commends the overall application idea which gets us excited to work and design a completely unique application that satisfies our clients to the brim.
Challenges in Requirements
There is always something new in every application we develop. This drives us towards venturing new solutions for the ongoing dilemma and coming up with the solution that fits the application’s requirement.
We don’t fit the application in the requirements that we can fulfill, we challenge our professional expertise to fit into our US based client’s requirement in the application that we create.
Apps Users Love
In the analysis phase itself, we strive to design the application from the perception of the end user as much as we can.The first launch that our clients target is mostly in the US demographics, and so the taste and feel that the US audience feels connected to are highly implemented.
This calls for the customer’s love towards the application and featuring them in the play store and apple store.Our insightful process involves the constant mockups and the usability test of the application with our end users. This is why our clients trust us for saving their customer retention times a bit.
Generating Revenue

We understand US demographical businesses and their needs today.The revenue models of the leading-edge applications we develop are in parallel with our customer’s satisfaction.

There is no coincidence when our clients make a remunerative business out of the application we develop for them along with taking the contentment of the customer to the very next level. We help them to see the revenue horizons when they fail to distinguish the ones that the audience would and won’t mind paying for.


Topping the Chart
There is no surprise as to why our applications manage to make it to the best application list in the Google play and Apple store. We develop such appealing applications, logos, favicons, that instantly gets the audience connected to an inquisitive about the functionality about the application so much that they can’t restrict the urge to try it.

This is how we design our application with outmost care and expertise to provide the startups and enterprises of the US demographics with the best possible solution.
Collectives of TRooTech
The collectives of TRooTech including innovative engineers, design masters, and development wizards wake up with the enthusiasm to put their expertise and efforts to experiment with the new technology and blend it into the features and functionalities for every project we receive.
More of our efforts are put into getting and selecting the right resources that are efficient in meeting the entrepreneurial as well as startup solution by exhausting the time, tools and cost we allocate for them.
Our climb to developing you a sustaining business and to taking it to the top has involved a thoughtful research from the stage of strategizing to the UI/UX designing and the usability tests by involving the end users in the project.
We follow an extensive process in order to provide a comprehensive app development solution that is competent with the marketplaces of today.
This is how TRooTech has achieved to be on the top list to present practical and feasible entrepreneurial and startup solution.
Our Clients
We don’t believe in following the formal vendor and client relationship as the ones in US does; all we do is partnership in the efforts that we put together to bring the conceptualized idea to life.
We understand the importance of the quality and sophistication of the application which will highly engage the new audience and will help retain the existing audience. We can build scalable applications that fulfill your entire business requirement, despite of needing a lot of experiment.
Have a business idea? We’d love to be your partner in your endeavors as none in the entire US application development domain. Our highly talented and productive team will help you design your application – Web application, mobile application, IoT, and wearables with a stunning UI/UX that instantly is linked to the brand recognizable value.
We understand the importance of the application launching time and so we strive to deliver the projects within the estimated time and cost. We can build you effective applications that help you seamlessly to get through the initial competition stage in the market.
Not only do we satisfy our clients and the end customers, but our expertise is recognized by the internationally centralized and reputed organizations of all time:
Featured in the ‘Good Firms’ as the Top Mobile Application Firms.
Featured in the Siliconindia Indo-US Magazine as the ‘Top 10 Best Mobile Application Firms – 2017’.