Internet Of Things-IOT Developement

Being a business influencer by delivering the best possible web, mobile and wearable application solutions, TRooTech affirms its renowned expertise for the futuristic IoT devices by evolving from the latest technological experiments of connecting the physical world of devices and providing the global business with the ease to run a prolific business.
We ensure that both the emerging as well as well-established firms meet with and satisfy their customer’s demands. We understand that such devices are meant for the particular functionalities and so we make use of native android and native iOS technology for the speed, flexibility and scalability it provides, also avoid all the instances to stuff unnecessary operations that could displease the end users.
Strategizing Design and Process

Once a project is undertaken, we put our best foot forward by strategizing the complete designing process that shapes a sustainable IoT device by allocating user-friendly functionality to it.

Not only is the complete focus on the designing aspects, but also a viability is kept in mind while forming the entire process. Keeping in mind the innovations happened in web, mobile and wearables, we excessively analyze the best possible project direction of the IoT devices.

Technical Strategy

While focusing on the needs and demands of the customers, we duly believe in maintaining the quality of the IoT device and accordingly define logics, codes and algorithms in a way that suits the IoT and commends its existence.

Our technical strategy revolves around the best possible type of technology suitable for the IoT application, better UI and UX, structured database architecture, responsiveness, cross-device compatibility and quality functions.


Since the IoT devices are smaller in size as compared to the web and mobile devices, the design for the IoT applications has to be minimalist thereby focusing on retaining the user’s loyalty towards the application. Our innovative UI designers create the visual design that compliments the functionality of the IoT application.

Our admirable UX design increases the customer’s engagement by accessibility of information, appeal and the functionality of the module.

Focus on Branding Aspects

In order to evoke a sense of recognition and connect the audience with the brand, we pay more attention to the branding aspects and effectively place those in the IoT applications in such a way that favicon, logo, and other related brand value symbols can deeply connect with the customers.

Having deep insights about the importance of the brand value, we target the brand symbols at a subconscious level for a loyal customer acquisition.

Information Architecture

The IoT demands very specific architecture in order to guide the user to perform the intended action in the application space. The information architecture phase includes development of the directing module for the users.

For providing the client with the desired user interaction, TRootech provides exceedingly appropriate choices for the users and navigates them throughout the IoT sphere while prompting them to perform well-defined functions.

Ultimately, we strive to connect the user and the client which results in satisfactory running of the business.

Usability Research and Testing

With our consistent research about the flow of the process and the usability of the modules, we deliver the requirement of the clients within the estimated time bracket due to our persistent validation for the flow.

We evaluate the project using constant mockups, checking errors and exceptions, we figure out the critical development issues that could arise and resolve them in the initial stages without affecting the time meant for the end-to-end project development.

IoT Development

In this IoT development stage, the device can be programmed to go smarter and the visual effects are enhanced. This is done by assembling various APIs on the basis of the IoT and by extensively using XML for assembling other APIs with the IoT.

For enabling the ease to compatibility, feasibility, and speed, we integrate native android and native iOS technology for designing an exclusive small display smart device.

Database Architecture

For the seamless flow of extracting the user’s request from the database, we develop such an architecture that assists the customers to engage with the IoT device.

We highly prefer horizontal scalability with native technology, end-to-end security, and flexible database with in-built best practices.

We define structure for the customers to be able to customize the look and feel without distracting the view of other users. Apart from this, we hold expertise in accessing data and information for providing easy user accessibility.

Frontend Development

When talking about the devices with small screens, the design complexity is actually resolved by our artistic frontend developers.

We intensively make use of objective C for native iOS and java for native android frontend design, considering them as of primal importance. This delightful IoT design entices the UX and adds lot many of the user-friendly features.

After developing such a design, TRooTech shoots for the responsiveness of the device, adaptability and its scalability.

Backend Development

After developing the frontend for such a small device, the complicity of devising the backend module is handled with keen responsibility.

For the architectural style and approach to communications, the restful APIs are integrated in the IoT as and when the demand arises from the client’s end.

This is done by using XML for assembling similar applications into the developing IoT application while making the backend provide full access and control to the admin.


Once the modules such as UI and UX designs, information architecture, database, frontend, backend and development is done, the flow then redirects to the integration of the modules.

We integrate the overall modules by adopting several modules.

This can be done by either assembling the different components once they are developed or are combined together when all the modules are ready.

Testing and Management

Since the functional and connectivity are the critical elements of the overall IoT ecosystem testing, we diligently incorporate various testing methodologies for the project.

When a single module is developed, the testing is carried out for the same module i.e. unit testing of the operation. Similarly on the basis of the specifications of the project, the working is tested by keeping the responsiveness, load-time, adaptability, and its performance in mind.

Related Process


For interconnecting the differently identifiable integrated computing devices with the ongoing internet architecture, we define and validate the entire flow for the Iot device and application.

Apart from enticing the end-users by providing a leading-edge IoT device to make their life easier, we consider safety, reliability, resilience, security and availability.

For ensuring that the device obeys to the protocols, we develop Iot application that can access the required data.

Database Architecture

Since the unconventional IoT can generate unforeseen streams of data quantitatively and qualitatively, the Mongo database is preferred over others because of its efficiency to managing data of any structure of any size and can add new functionality without having to remodel the existing database.

Apart from recalling the information, we develop the database as such that it provides end-to-end security for the clients as well as the end-users and accesses relevant information within the shortest possible time.


For connecting the segregated codes and functions of the modules that are developed individually, the process of integration is carried out. As per the project demand and the operation of the modules, integration happens at various levels.

Integration is done by either combining all the codes and algorithms of the application, once the individual application is developed or by integrating separately modules as and when they get developed.

Testing and Management

For validating that the operations encircling the IoT device works in unison, we carry out testing in several phases for providing a quality application.

The rapidity of the communication system and the ongoing computing capabilities of the embedded software system are tested by using performance testing.

Since the Iot devices are prone to getting hacked and the flow of information can be easily manipulated by them, we take active measures by carrying out security testing.

As the possibilities of IoT devices are unlimited, we carry out compatibility testing with the combination of device version, protocol version, mobile devices and mobile OS version.

Industry Niches

Automobile Industry
How about presenting a driver-safe mechanism that tracks the presence of mind of the drivers and acts accordingly?
Help them avoid accidents, maintain the speed limit, navigate them to the correct path and connect to the other vehicles in case of mechanical breakdowns with our developed Iot application.
Healthcare Industry
Assist the patients check their health status and get notifications regarding any complications with IoT development services for health care.
Get them the automated healthcare flows that improves patient treatment, reduces manual errors and enhances patient experience.
Logistics and Transportation
Take the logistics and transportation service industry to the next level through empowering both vendors and customers by providing them with the ease of end-to-end tracking of the shipment and related processes.
We built you efficient IoT solutions and services that help manage fleet of drivers, supervise vehicles, track shipments and fetches onroad information.
How about offering a dedicated retail channel that provides unforeseen revenue passage, unbounded user experience and connects the demand-supply chain?
Manage your inventories, product lifetime, and automated reorder notifications throughout the manufacturer, distributor and supplier cycle with the help of our developed IoT services.
With only a few aspects being digitalized in power industry, be the first to remodel the domain.
Since security and reliability are the critical issues, we understand the seriousness and develop IoT devices that are capable to eliminate many such challenges.
Connect, control and manage critical construction equipment from a unified control base IoT system.
With the help of our designed Iot application, you will be able to look after the key metrics like temperature, pressure, vibration, etc. for corrective measures of the application.
Enable the ease to the physical range of heavy machines with the intelligence of IoT devices.
Rebuild your company’s functionality when we help you integrate and embed controller technology consisting of sensors for remote equipment management, better workforce safety and productivity.

Engagement Models

Fixed Time Project
The service is to be provided by considering the requirements of the client very specifically and then after analyzing the business plan appropriately, we can define the overall cost for the entire project.
For this purpose, TRooTech strives to delve deeply before undertaking the project.
The fixed time engagement model is used for and is ideal for the projects that have their requirements about the end-product in a very specific manner and no more features are to be added during the entire development phase.
Dedicated Development Team
The service is to be provided by considering the requirements of the client to vary according to the need of the project and features can be added or removed even when the project is in its development phase.
For dedicated development team model, TRooTech allocates expert resources to deliver quality to the end-product.
The dedicated development model is used for and is ideal for the projects that don’t have any specific project requirements about the end-product and the project flow can change as per the demands of the clients.

Our Team

Project Manager

The profoundly expert project manager of TRooTech delves deeper into understanding the significance of data and precise measurements. They handle the responsibility to solve the challenges of integrating the IoT into the existing systems and make them functional as they are perceived to be.


With the verified key skills in IoT technological spaces, our architect looks after the embedded systems, network topologies, network protocols, cloud computing, data management, security and related processes.


Our designer understands the proximity of the make and breaks of the UX and UI design and ultimately develops an aesthetically pleasing design that the end users can easily recognize, thereby increasing the brand awareness.

Backend Development

The backend developer shoulders the responsibility to develop the data storage, analytics, and database architecture and empowers full control of the backend development process.

Frontend Development

The creative frontend designer of TRooTech designs truly responsive CSS along with the visual element, color and design choices.

Quality Control Expert

The Quality control expert ensures that the normal appliances perform their specific functions by meeting the IoT devices with that of the client’s requirement.

SYS Engineer

Once the project is completed, the SYS Engineer springs into action by making sure that the device functions seamlessly even after it is launched in the market.