Mobile Applications Development

From our channeled mobile application development experience, TRooTech consistently experiments with the technology and puts forth its expert implementation for the global businesses to flourish and sustain at an international level along with providing responsive designs and compatibility with the futuristic as well as custom and modern devices.
After delivering innovation and quality to our projects, we have developed a technological intuition, pertaining to which, though it takes a little more effort than hybrid technology, we choose to develop our android and iOS mobile applications using native technology for providing extensive features and rich user experience.
Strategizing Design Product

Understanding the deep insights and intentions behind the concept of your mobile application, we build strategy for each and every module that commends its features at every development step.

Once our experts get hold of what the mobile app is, they strategically move towards how the mobile app should be. This includes the layout of the application as well as the features that makes it extraordinary.

Respecting the current trends and going one step ahead for its implementation, innovative product design and customer-friendly valuables are decided and worked upon by the experienced heads of TRooTech to put the best product in the domain.

Technical Strategy

In order to effectively match up to the client’s requirement and the customer’s standards, we strategize agile methodologies of software development by constant evaluations, and flexible planning till the end of the project.

The technical strategy helps us drive our overall mobile strategy. The selection of stack and framework is pre-decided and done by our experienced technical strategists. As native technology provides better UX, easy access to in-built capabilities, faster and refined designed than hybrid, we build android and iOS mobile applications making use of native technology.


Since the users are quickly adopting the mobile devices, the design that we create mainly focuses on retaining their loyalty towards the application. Our creative heads design UI that implicates the look and feel of a mobile application.


Our impressive UX design enhances the user engagement by improving the usability, accessibility of information, and their retention.

But the special element that TRooTech adds to the design is the perfect balance of UI and UX which helps our clients to acquire more number of users for the mobile application and keep them active.

Focus on Branding Aspects

To get your brand more recognition, to display your brand as a symbol of trust and differentiate your site from your competitors, we design brand symbols such as favicons, logos, and taglines which the users can easily relate to and connect.

We specialize in subliminally creating awareness about your brand in such a way that acutely communicates with the audience and direct them to carry out a desired task.

Information Architecture

This stage involves guiding the customers throughout the mobile application.

TRooTech diligently focuses on organizing, structuring and labeling content in an effective and sustainable way. We help users to find relevant information and complete their actions.

We truly understand how the pieces fit together to create a bigger scenario and relate modules with each other within the system. Since IA can become complex when dealing with larger chunks of information, we are skilled in this niche with the required discipline

Usability Research and Testing

Understanding the time constraint of the project, we strive to complete the project within the estimated timeframe. This way, we check and validate the entire flow of the project and its related processes. Each and every process goes is tested for its functionality, consistency, and usability.

With these tests, we are able to detect the errors at an initial stage and modify the necessary process to make the entire project flow smooth.

App Development

The inception of the project now takes its actual avatar.

For implementing various APIs as per the need of the mobile application, we use XML to integrate the APIs with the application and make it a multi-featured application.

Integrating native technology to develop native android and native iOS, logics, codes, and algorithms, our developers design completely sustainable mobile application.

Database Architecture

Once the application is developed, we need a database structure which stores the information and that can be extracted and fetched easily by the end users.

Thus, for a faster information processing and quick accessibility, we make use of MySQL database for the database architecture to instantly recall the data to the customer’s request. We acquire a special knack of interconnecting these information with that to the server and third-party APIs.

Frontend Development

TRooTech knows how to build brilliant interfaces for complicated applications under a variety of niches.

For native iOS we make use of objective C and for the native android applications we make use of java respectively. These help us to provide dynamic binding, flexibility for multi-platforms and simple UI, platform independency, object-oriented and feasibility to both the android and iOS mobile applications.

Backend Development

Once the frontend for the users is completed, we work in the direction of managing the admin side application building.

APIs are restful and are mandatory to incorporate within the mobile application that we are developing if the demand arises. Thus, we make use of XML for interconnecting other applications into our own applications and making it a complete-edge mobile application.


Now is the time to assemble all the different application into a single unit to develop a quality application.

This is done by connecting individually developed application into an operational application. We carry out the integration process by either connecting the segregated modules once they start to seem functional or by letting all the modules to get developed and then integrating all the codes into one.

Thus, at every integration stage we ensure the quality and then move ahead with our further development process.

Testing and Management

We stand out by our services but we try to fit into client’s requirement at our own pace of innovation.

Once the entire integration is done, we test the applications by its functionality and performance.

The functionality is tested keeping its installation, application loading time, app user interface, orientations, gestures, media components, and application specifications in mind.

The performance test is done by keeping the cross-device compatibility, adaptability, speed of application, and its consistency.

Also, the bugs and errors are fixed and resolved so that they do not pop-up in the future updates.

Related Process


An eye-catchy and feature-loaded app designed with HTML and CSS by our artistic developers will help you retain your fan base. But we duly understand that style and design cannot beat a substance and so we constantly push our capabilities for bringing up innovative features and implementing a cutting-edge mobile application.

Enriching the customer’s satisfaction by designing delightful UI and UX that navigates the user through the mobile space with the ease to explore various functionalities and act as per prompted.

Database Architecture

For fetching the information as per the user’s demand, we select a database architecture structure that best serves the purpose.

With facilities such as easy to recall, provides software security, scalability, can handle a large amount of data, easy memory management, we make use of MySQL database by supporting a variety of development interfaces.


The assembling of all the individual modules is done by the integration of all the segregated modules.

This is done by either combining the modules and codes once they are ready individually, or by combining the entire module together at the end.

Testing and Management

With the urge to provide quality work for the mobile applications, we make sure that the end product is the exact replica of our client’s imagination.

On developing each small and individual module, unit testing is done at frequent stages. When some features are added to a module or two or more individual modules are combined, at that time integration testing is carried out to check the functionality of the assembled modules. To eliminate and fix the bugs and similar such software issues, regressive testing is carried out.

Thus, we ensure excellence in our delivered project.

Industry Niches

Social Media Platform
Build highly interactive platforms that engage individuals, communities to share their ideas online while we connect you to a highly remunerative business. Entice your users with attractive visual graphics, UI/UX, ease to extract information, exciting features, database management and usability, cross-device platforms and a lot more. Play in the comprehensiveness of the business when TRooTech is tailoring for you!
Job Portal
Do you want to build a job board that brings the recruiter and the job seeker on the same page? Let your end users build their profiles, view jobs, apply for the jobs, add jobs to favorites, connect with the recruiters, post jobs, schedule interviews and many more such alluring features. Here we are to develop your job board mobile application!
Sports and Fitness Applications
How about launching a mobile application that has the potential to connect with the fitness freaks instantly? Yes! This and a lot more including like dashboard for the trainee/trainer, training resources, customized training schedules, inapp calls, and on top of it productive revenue generating models. Let us build you one today.
Software As a Service
Centrally host software as a service for the ongoing businesses and earn! We do develop software solutions which you can lend on subscription to help other business buddies. By building both vertical and horizontal SaaS we provide you with options to select for your service. Help your customers to manage their hardware and software modules with us.
Internet of Things
Initiate an IoT that extends internet connectivity beyond traditional devices. We utilize such an embedded technology to communicate and interact with the external environment all over an Internet connection. This way we revolutionize the conventional hardware and guide them to perform a variety of tasks.
Business Management Tools
Don’t you feel that the ongoing businesses now need a digital makeover? Well, that mundane process of their business does. Automate your process, cut time and expense, eliminate human errors and save it all for advancements! That’s how we will help you to digitalize your business.
Trading Systems
Stuck in the stocks? Stuck no more! Here we develop for you an extensive mobile application consisting of equity trades and derivatives, stock information, customized market view, place off-market orders, mutual fund investment, revenue potentials, all with marketing tools and features.
Travel and Booking Portals
Let them plan their trips and book accommodations all at a single finger tap and make business out of it. The features we develop are booking tickets, planning trips, customizing trips, booking accommodations, secured payment gateways, marketing, promotions and referral tools, all at a single stop – that’s TRooTech.
Educational Websites
Connect the students from all over the world to learn through your platform. Let us develop you a full-fledged educational mobile application for your students to access from any corner of the globe by tutorials, assignments, study materials, checking their progress, evaluations, comparing statistics with friends, premium resources, and similar such comprehensive features to provide you with business ease and revenue models.

Engagement Models

Project Based Engagement
When the project demands external expertise and resources to develop a specific mobile application, TRooTech handles the entire project and assures the outcome with great value.
The Project based engagement model is proposed when the time duration and cost estimated for the mobile application development along with the resources needed is fixed. We exploit such technological heads that deliver excellence to the project along within the pre-decided timeframe and budget.
Dedicated Development Team
When the project has got appropriate yet on-going needs to develop a specific mobile application, TRooTech employs experienced developers that focus on the minutest detail possible.
The Dedicated development team model is advocated when the time duration and cost cannot be estimated at the start of the project pertaining to the operational changes. We employ technological wizards that understand the digital changes and are ready to implement the same in the project qualitatively.

Our Team

Project Manager

The successful tasks – execution, monitoring, controlling and closure of a project is carried out by the Project Manager.


The architecture is the memory of the project. Designing a practical process flow by deciding the components and interconnecting them with the mobile application is handled by an architect.


The designer dives into the project with a vision to keep the user’s attention intact on the mobile application. By designing impressive UI and thrilling UX, he builds a bridge between the client and the customer.

Java/Objective C/HTML/CSS Coder

The coder shoulders the responsibility to make the application alive by pre-determining thoughtful designs and implementing the same in the project they undertake.

Backend Developer

Though not many acknowledge the hard work that a backend developer puts into the project, but the overall control and management of the admin side application is taken care of and designed by him.

Frontend Developer

The frontend developer is a creative head that does not worry about anything else than developing a perfectly visual design. Walking between the UI and UX, he puts his recognized endeavor in balancing and blending the art with the science.

Quality Control Expert

The Quality Control Expert checks for bugs, code compilations, and errors and gets them fixed them to provide a fully operational mobile application to the clients.

SYS Engineer

The SYS Engineer plays a never-ending role for the application. After the delivery of the project is done successfully, he ensures a suitable space and operations for the mobile application.