Designing Services
Being choosy, picky, and thoughtful about creating impulsive UI and UX design for the web, mobile, wearables, and IoT applications, TRooTech aims at enriching the customers by getting into the end user personas shoes and navigating those using imperative actions that leaves a long-lasting effect. Our expertise lies at providing the users with an intuitive mapping between the user’s intention and application’s functionality using gestures, links and animations for interactivity.
Though the time, effort, and cost are incurred at our end, we believe in designing the application flow for the clients by making use of the clickable prototypes and allow them to experience how the developed application will actually work instead of static wireframes; thereby involving the clients in the designing process as well.
Strategizing Design and Process

The creative heads at TRooTech aims at delivering interactive User Interface that amplifies the user engagement rate by making the end-product visually emanating. For this purpose, the main objective behind the application is taken into consideration and following to it, the look of the design along with wireframes, clickable prototypes are strategized.

For designing a web application, we make use of HTML and CSS language, while for the native applications, we highly prefer object C for iOS and JavaScript for Android.


Once all the strategies are build for the plan, we dive deep into developing appealing wireframes for the project that the clients can approve of before designing the wireframe

In order to save the overall cost, time, and, material to be engaged into the project throughout the development of the UI and UX design, we formulate wireframes as the basic technique for any project.

This way we make our clients feel involved into the designing process since we design exceptional design and present it before the clients in case they have any valuables to add to the application.

Focus on Branding Aspects

While striving to hold a unique place in the market, the most prominent channels of marketing – logo, favicons, brand lines, brand title, and the like are placed strategically in a way that gets easily recognizable by the end-users.

To match with the tone of the true purpose of the application, colors, fonts, and templates are used effectively throughout the application.

Information Architect

Once the branding aspects are well-designed in the application, the process flow than moves towards directing the users to perform certain tasks and actions that compliments the meaning of the application.

Relatively, the design of information architecture is created that resembles the user-friendly behavior of the application and provides them with the ease of accessing relevant information during their entire interaction with the application.

Clickable Prototypes

While many in the domain still rely on static wireframes and sitemaps that lack the actual feel of how the application will work in the real-world, we provide clickable prototypes for our clients to interact and explore the design just like any end-user would experience the design.

We involve in complex business challenges of clickable prototypes while giving the stakeholders simple yet unforgettable experience.

Graphic Mockups

After designing the entire process flow, we believe in validating the direction in which the project is headed to, by creating wireframes, prototypes, and testing the ideation of the application on both the client and the end-user.

This leads to creating extremely engaging designs for the application after receiving valuable feedbacks and insights from the front stakeholders.

Frontend Designing

Ultimately, we refine and define the look of the application that blends well with the information that is to be fed into the architecture and the database. The frontend design also involves pixel perfect screens, resolutions, cross-platform, cross-browsers, and cross-device compatibility.

This way the artistic designers of TRooTech designs the makes the smartphones smarter, responsive web application designs that fits into all the resolutions and intrinsic designs that reciprocates to each and every user’s request.


Once the designing of UI and UX is done, there is a need to integrate the modules for a complete implementation of the application. Such integration can be carried out using two methods, either by assembling the complete design altogether or by combining the design as and when they are designed.

Once the design integration is done for the entire application, testing is carried out in various phases to check for the functionalities of the application.

Testing and Validation

For a leading-edge application delivery to our clients, we carry out testing using various methodologies and testing types.

For the prototype testing, the links are checked, if they are clickable and whether it redirects to the correct landing page or not.

Next, user interface testing is done for analyzing the performance, functionality, and consistency of the user interface.

The look-and-feel testing helps to test the cross-browser, cross-platform, and cross- device compatibility.

For testing the information flow of the application, usability, control and data accessibility, usability testing is undertaken

Related Process


For bringing our enthusiastically strategized application into life, we insightfully look into the arena of the UI and UX design prospective.

This gives us a roadmap of how the flow of the designing should be carried out in such a way that creates space for maximum user productivity and for minimum task completion time.

During this phase, the wireframes and clickable prototypes along with how the application looks and feel is also defined for the application for an augmenting the user experience.


When all the UI and UX designing aspects are created for the application, integration is carried out for the modules.

The integration is undertaken in two ways.

The different UI and UX are integrated once each and every module is designed.

The second way of integration is done by assembling the modules as and when the modules get designed.


To check whether the design of the application is same as that defined by our clients, we test the application using various testing and management methods.

The prototyping testing method is used to assess the links of the application on the basis of their redirection to the correct landing page. With the help of UI testing, we ensure that the loading speed, maintenance, functionality is in check.

To check for the responsiveness of the application, cross-browser, cross-device, cross-platform compatibility is checked.

Industry Niches

Social Media Platform
Do you want to build an attention-grabbing social media platform for the audience across the world that keeps your end-user engaged while making your platform a hit with all those impressive revenue models?
We create eye-pleasing social media platform that joins the users on the same platform.
Job Boards
Develop an interactive job platform that attracts both the recruiters and the job seekers through its visually appealing design. Now you can outthink the boringly professional applications!
We assist you disrupt your competitors by extensively making use of the UI and UX designs.
Sports and Fitness Application
When most of the highly motivated target audience makes use of the sports and fitness application and rebounds back, we help you retain your audience with the help of all the designing strategies and implementations.
How about designing software as a service which mainly focuses on the goal-directed behavior?
We design UI and UX for the Software as a Service that makes it easy to discover for the stakeholders and ease to use their functionality. Our main focus is on identifying an appropriate set of functionality for the software based on user and business goal and process.
Business Tool
With the technological advancements in the business, we design your business process with interactive frontend that provides a seamless flow for the ease of information.
Internet of Things
We understand that when it comes to internet of things, the UI and UX designs have to be minimalist thereby commending that specific functionality for which it is created. This will help your IoT device sustain through the competition in the matter of the visuals look and feel.
Trading System
Since the auction and bidding events are time bound and highly requires structured information architecture, we extensively design your online trading system with easily navigational structure that is entirely featured as customer-centric.
Travel and Booking Portals
With multiple functionality such as booking trips, accommodation booking, choosing destinations, and more, we help you create a travel and booking portal with effective UI and UX design that don’t confuse the audience, in the lieu helps them to extract the necessary information for their purpose.
Educational Websites
Create an e-learning platform that helps your end-users to seek valuable information and travel throughout the application space where there is a scope to creating both the learning process and the teaching process fun.

Engagement Models

Project Based Engagement
When it comes to different approaches to custom software development, generally fixed price models and dedicated team are employed, on the basis of the different business sphere.
When the clients come up with the well-defined scope of work, wherein all the requirements are evaluated and the cost along with the time of the delivery are pre-determined, such a model is called as project based engagement model.
In such type of project, scope, budget, and time are fixed and the entire risks are handled by the vendor.
Dedicated Development Team
The dedicated development team is mostly favored by the clients who constantly seek for an ongoing product delivery and improvement of the product. Thus, the product requirements of the clients herein can change at any instances and so the demand for the design can be changed any time.
In such type of project, dedicated team is allocated for the project with greater efficiency towards the end-product.

Our Team

Graphic Designer

Our creative graphic designer determines the message the design should portray by reading through the scope of the project. He undertakes the responsibility of designing the brand symbols, logos, and favicons.

UI/UX Planner

When it comes to defining the interaction models, user task flows and UI specifications, the UI/UX designer creates a visual identity of the product in the mindset of the people by developing and maintaining design wireframes, mockups and specifications as and when needed for the product application.

Software Engineer

Our profound software engineer puts attractive layers and formats live to the applications to the native and cross-platform mobile solutions and complex architecture portal system.

Business Analyst

With the help of intrinsic research about the project objective, our expert business analyst analyses create the base for an unmatchable user experience.

QA Engineer

Once the product is delivered to our clients, the QA Engineer shoulders the task of matching up the quality standards as defined by the clients and creates an impressive effect on the target audience