Wearables App Development

Having successfully developed a lot many competing web and mobile applications and satisfying our global clients to the brim, TRooTech possesses the potential to walk up with the technological advancements by experimenting with the vivid programming languages to assign meaningfully specific functionalities to the emerging wearables and IoT devices that gives a taste of quality and sophistication to the businesses of today to sustain in the competitive marketplace of tomorrow..
Though it demands more time, efforts, and development; we believe in not only satisfying our clients but also their end users equally and so we trust and develop the applications for the wearables using native technology that surpasses hybrid technology with better user experience, aspect ratios that fit most, quality, and speed.
Strategizing Design and Process

We hold a knack at strategizing a design methodology for wearable computing concepts that could potentially represent authenticity through its each and every functionality once the application is developed.

Our experts at TRooTech analyze that dominant function of the wearable and aspire to direct the end-product to the mainstream marketplaces along with keeping the uniqueness of the wearable intact.

Technical Strategy

While there is an unbounded possibility for the wearables, the technology till date is limited in functionality. Our technical ethics always push us to consistently evolve new technological horizons so that we can deliver matchless application performance.

In accordance with how the wearable should conduct it when interacted with the users, we specify the accessible database architecture; responsive designs, adaptability, logics and algorithms are strategized and constantly monitored.


We understand that though UX being a simple term, it is at the very core of all the technological innovation that are ongoing and encircling the interaction with the services, users, products, and other smart devices and juggling multiple interfaces into the smart devices.

Since the function is of primary concern, we look forward to solve the criticality of incorporating minimalist yet effective UI design. Accessing the information by moving on from pinch, swipe, and tap since the display space is less or none for the use of fingers is limited to minimal.

Focus on Branding Aspects

Striving to make recognizable logo designs, we inspire and encourage the target audience to interact and be loyal to your brand along with analyzing the competitors.

The main focus is on creating awareness about the identity of your brand beyond the trends and instant acknowledgement about the brand using favicons, logos, brand titles, and taglines.

Information Architecture

For integrating wearables and embedding smart devices into a computing environment for collaborating wearbles with each other, increasing usability, and enabling enhanced connectivity for the users; we design user-effective navigating information architecture.

It includes a broader scope of guiding the user throughout the space of the smart device and attempts to capture the user’s attention into performing the intended task and action by our distinctly developed libraries and database structures.

Usability Research and Testing

For the ultimate development of the wearable without any shortcomings and errors, we test the project flow, prototypes, pre- and post- questionnaires and feedback on the wearable being tested.

This way by validating the aspects and modules, the pre-determined time, cost and resources can be managed efficiently from the commencement of the project itself for a seamless wearable development process.

Wearable Development

Here is when the device turns smart after all the visual aesthetics and appeals. For integrating different types of APIs in accordance with the wearables, our profound developers efficiently use XML to make the APIs work with the wearable and make it functional.

With facilities such as easy compatibility, feasibility, speed, we trust on integrating native android and native iOS, logics, codes, and algorithms for designing a completely viable smart device.

Database Architecture

For wearable devices, size in disk, memory and low battery consumption are usually the top priorities, adhering to which we are open to write the tables for developing any database be it MySQl Oracle, MySQl or the one you name.

We ensure that the clients and the end-users get access to a faster information processing system that instantly recalls the data to their requests. We acquire a focused expertise of combining these information with that to the servers and third-party APIs.

Frontend Development

TRooTech specializes in following the best practices for developing delightful User interface design, interaction design and visual designs. Cross-design compatibility and cross-platform compatibility i.e. responsiveness of the wearable is also kept in mind while building the frontend.

For this visual native iOS development, we make use of objective C and for the native android applications we make use of java respectively. These help us to provide dynamicity, flexibility of multiple and cross platforms, minimalist UI but high UX, platform independency, object-orient and feasibility to both the android and iOS mobile applications.

Backend Development

After designing the frontend the backend is taken into the focus of development to integrate the admin side control and handling.

Our skilled backend developers maintain and write the code for collecting performance-ensuring products that include necessary metrics and are properly monitored.

The restful APIs are an integral part for incorporating functionalities other than that resides within the wearable if the demand arises. Thus, we make use of XML for embedding other applications to make it a complete competing smart device model.


The time we reach the stage is when all the modules are designed on an individual basis with different functionality more or less.

The wearable now demands the assembling of all the different modules into a single unit in order to develop a sophisticated smart device.

This is done by connecting individually developed functionalities into a working wearable. This is done by either connecting the segregated modules once they start to seem functional or by letting all the modules to be developed and then integrating all the algorithms into one.

Testing and Management

Yet wearables are still to define their position, they open broad ways to a highly potential market.

Not only we put down our development after integration, we believe in delivering a quality application at the cost of our effort into the testing and management of the wearables.

After the integration, we test the wearables for its functionality and performance.

The functionality is tested considering its overall aspects, right from its installation, loading time, app user interface, orientations, gestures, media components, and specifications.

Related Process


After analyzing the target audience, their visual tastes, and design trends that prevail in the industry; we design wearables for our clients that have several artistic style approaches.

With native android and native iOS development, we make sure that the features fed in the wearbles compliment the overall functionality of the wearable application.

Database Architecture

For assessing the current data infrastructure and to closely work with the users by providing them the information they work for, our well-evaluated database computes the code and provides easy recalling of the information.

For delivering the demanded information of the user in the least possible time, we develop the database architecture by strategically selecting the stacks and the number of tiers appropriate for the framework.

Various third party APIs, servers and user modules are considered for a defined flow of the information. Name any database; we will code it for an exceptional performance of delivering tons of information at the same time.


The segregated modules of the wearables once made functional are then assembled in order to build a single specific functional unit.

Here, the integration of the server, database architecture, backend, frontend, UX/UI design, etc, is carried out and the wearables turn into end-to-end smart devices.

This can either be done when all the modules are ready, or integration can also be carried by combining the modules as and when they get ready and are tested.

Testing and Management

To validate that the product we develop is an exact replica of the client’s imagination, we match the outcome to the client’s requirement.

We test the modules by unit testing, integration testing and regressive testing. For testing smaller bits of codes, unit testing is done.

Sometimes there is a need to assess the features of the application as and when they are integrated; this is done by integrated testing. The overall performance of the wearable is carried out by regressive testing.

Industry Niches

Social Media Platforms
Want to develop an exceptional wearable that helps engage the social media users at the global level? Now you can with the help of TRooTech!
Go technologically advanced by bringing out a wearable that provides notification alerts and similar functions to your users.
Sports and Fitness Applications
Walk your users to meet their fitness goals and run a remunerative business using wearables!
We develop for you smart watches, fitness bands, step counters for bringing about a never foreseen replacements for the mobile and web applications.
Business Tool
Why need to sit in front of your PC, laptop or carry a mobile phone when you can get the important insights on your body itself!
Get notifications regarding the process of your company, email alerts, remainders and a lot more without having to stress yourself by carrying another device.
Internet of Things
Adopt IoT technology and increase the functionality of your business by decreasing the manual processes and related manual errors.
We develop fully-featured wearables that help you get important data insights and optimize expenses for the production.
Event Management
Be the first one to blend the wearable technology which has the potential to remodel the look and processing of the event management system.
We provide you the development of cutting-edge wearable that can manage everything on your behalf – from menu options, travel directions, navigation, events updates, to identifying softwares and contact information.

Engagement Models

Project Based Engagement
With our renowned experience in the domain of web, mobile and wearable application development, the understanding about the exact project need as per the demand is deep-rooted within us and helps us assist our clients with the same.
TRooTech provides two types of engagement models – fixed price project and dedicated resources based project.
A fixed price project locks in the total price of the project as per the demand of the client and as per the requirement of the project.
The static variables for the fixed price projects are cost and time with the estimation that the plan, feature and the modules as defined by the clients are fixed and will not be changed.
Dedicated Development Team
In a dedicated development team, we assign tasks to our resources on the project with cost per hour.
The static variables here are the quality of the project and a dedicated team including all the necessary experts is allocated for the project.
Here, even if the requirement of our clients changes in between the development stage, we navigate our resources accordingly to meet the quality of the client’s perceived project.

Our Team

Project Manager

Our insightful project manager defines the scope of the project completion by monitoring the issues faced by the developing team and provides robust solution for the end application.


Our Architect is a natural evolution from the analyst and designer who reflects the emergence of integrating the flow of the different modules into a complete module.


Our designer meets the challenge of creating a balance by shifting the view from conventional industrial design to the new – more personalized costumed and functional scope.

Backend Developer

The man behind the development of the wearables – the backend developer, develops and maintains the core functional logic and operations of the smart devices by creating core application algorithms, database structures and APIs.

Frontend Developer

The artistic frontend developer connects the users to the wearables by creating highly precise screen, interface designs and navigating the user’s journey to graphics, visual design and device interactions.

Quality Control Expert

The Quality Control Expert springs into action once all the individual modules are developed. He checks for the crashes, shutdowns, functions, and operations of the application and gets them fixed for once and for all.

SYS Engineer

The SYS Engineer carries out the maintenance of the application after the project is handed over to the client. He advocates various solutions, sets up scalable server infrastructure and hence creates a sustainable circle around the application.