Web Applications Development

With a vision to delivering the best web application services for running a productive business and by satisfying the emerging as well as the prominent business heads across the globe, TRooTech strives to maintain its consistency by developing the web applications that encourage the devices of today as well as the futuristic devices – smart wearables and IOT by its responsive design.
Since the most challenging part for any client is to understand the need of the fundamental framework for their web application, our proficiency and maturity in our domain boosts us to help them select the best core MVC framework that compliments their overall web application.
Strategizing Design and Product

In order to communicate your brand’s sterling reputation to your targeted audience, our design masters ideate comprehensive web application structures that is up with the trends but still unique in its own way. This sophisticated approach of ours set an intensified user experience while rebounding your users back to your web app.

But the essence of our development lies in the functionality that we build in the product. Here we plan exciting features for our product that makes it exceptionally acute to the type of audience for the business.

Technical Strategy

After conceptualizing the frontend design and features of the product, we pace up with the technological advancements and incorporate the same in our development.

In accordance with how your web application is, database architecture including the number of tiers, its execution, compatibility with other platforms, adaptability, security are strategized.

The base of the web application is then laid by choosing a feasible framework for the web application for a complete functionality.


This phase of development is completely designed by keeping the targeted audience in mind.

To upgrade the complete user endurance on the web application, delightful yet relevant UX designs are employed. This is done to retain the customers to the web application.

UI is designed by making use of creative graphical designs and typography to support its applicability, thereby navigating the users to perform certain desired actions and interactions.

Focus on Branding Aspects

Here we meet with the important business aspects in order to create awareness about the brand. The balance that we strive for the stage is being truly definitive about the branding elements such as Favicons, Brand logo, Tagline, labels with brand name, etc, and being parallel with to increase user’s interaction about the same.

With our art of brand positioning on the web application, we express the value of brand with required sharpness and in a manner that makes an instant connection with the users.

Information Architecture

The phase involves development of the navigating module for the users.

As any client would desire, TRootech provides exceptionally relevant options to the users and guide them throughout the web application arena and prompt them to perform certain well-defined functions.

Thus by guiding the users towards what they want, we drive them towards what client wants. Ultimately, we create a connection between the user and the client which results client-customer satisfaction.

Usability Research and Testing

The secret to our successful project completion and delivery within the estimated timeframe lies in our persistent testing of the complete project flow.

With constant mockups, check for the errors and exceptions, we are able to figure out the development issues that might pop-up and we resolve them in the initial stages without affecting the time meant for the end-to-end project development.

Web Development

The web development process reinforces the project flow by bringing the web application into the real world.

On the basis of the type of the web application functionality and pre-determined strategy, stack is implemented and framework check is carried out. The logics, codes, and algorithms are defined and compiled.

All the different modules are segregated and are coded. Thus, the product starts becoming functional.

Database Architecture

For the smooth flow of fetching the user’s request from the database architecture, we design such a structure that helps the user to interact with the web app.

Defining architecture in a manner that each user is able to access the same data but with a customized view without affecting the view of another user. Apart from this, we hold an upper hand in recalling information for providing easy user accessibility.

Frontend Development

The way a web design is actually implemented for the users on the web is determined by the frontend development.

Pertaining to all these feature-rich and user-accustomed evaluations, we use HTMl and CSS. HTML and CSS are the backbone of frontend development which enhances the user experience by its appealing design and we use Javascript top add tons of user-friendly features. These languages give a jump-off point for faster coding.

After from meeting the client’s imagination to the user’s delight, we specialize in delivering responsive designs which are compatible and adaptable for all the types of devices.

Backend Development

Once the frontend is developed, we develop and maintain the technology that connects the server, application and a database together and power the user- facing side of the website.

Any information that is fed by the user is stored by the application inside the database that is created inside the server and server side scripting of the functionalities are done.

The entire admin side module is developed and security is provided to the software. This also includes the data transfer from the third party using API.


Once all the modules are operational, they can be integrated to form an overall web application. This is carried out by connecting the separate modules together to make the product a highly functional web application.

If the application consists of any third party API, then they are associated with the database and servers. Thus, what we get at the end of the integration is a fully-featured web application.

Testing and Management

Before undertaking any project, we make sure that it perfectly delivers what the client requires. Thus, the final outcome is reassessed to determine if our qualitative development and factor of innovation falls within the client’s requirement bracket.

For this, the features of the web application are tested individually, links and their landing pages are revaluated, loading speed of the page is tested, UX is defined and other features such as cross-device compatibility and similar responsive design tests are carried out.

Related Process


For availing the users with a completely indifferent user experience, our skillful designers experiment on different approaches for a feel-good user factor. We ensure that the users are navigated to the appropriate functions and perform prompted actions to maintain the UX and UI protocol for the business intention.

With HTML and CSS we are able to represent the content and the appearance of the content with well defined content structure, cross compatible design for creating an aesthetical user appeal.

Database Architecture

In accordance to respond to the user’s request in the least possible time and make the information easily accessible for them, we develop the database architecture by selecting stacks and number of tiers appropriate for the framework.

The different backends, third party API, database and servers are considered for a vivid flow of the data. For multi-tasking and the capability to deliver tons of information at the same time, we prefer and trust MySQL Oracle database architecture.


The segregated modules of the web applications once made operational are then combined together to form a single multifunctional unit.

Thus, the integration of the server, database, backend, frontend, UX/UI design, etc, is carried out and the web application turns into an end-to-end web application.

This can either be done when all the modules are ready, or integration can also be carried by combining the modules as and when they get ready and are tested.

Testing and Management

To check whether we fulfill the client’s requirement we match the outcome to the requirement.

We handle testing by unit testing, integration testing and regressive testing. For testing small bits of codes, unit testing is done.

Sometimes, we need to assess the features of the application as and when they are integrated; this is done by integrated testing. The overall performance of the web application is carried out by regressive testing.

Industry Niches

Social Media Platforms
How about launching a lucrative social media platform to let your users connect with those at the others? We at TRooTech have delivered the best services for such platforms by tailoring alluring UX and UI, easy navigation, engaging user functionalities, database management and accessibility, empowering admin with a feature-rich backend support and extensively supporting additional data and traffic networks.
Job Boards
Make the recruiting process easy while making money by letting us cater you with a job portal that has operational app for recruiter side as well as job seeker’s end. We develop tools that provide ease to resume and CV writing, sending/receiving job applications, job filters and categories, relevant search feature, narrow searchability, and payment gateway options. We create a user experience that amplifies your brand value proportion.
Sports and Fitness Applications
Sports club and fitness centers are a thing of past! Leap with the digital advancements and let us develop your virtual fitness club that fulfills all your realistic goals. We tailor app for the trainee, trainer and the admin with customized training, fitness goal management, calorie tracking, progress comparison modules, and alike. Retain your customers with our marketing and promotional tools and build your own prolific business.
Software As a Service
Free your customers from complex software and hardware by providing them software as a service. We let you earn on your own by offering complete web service with customization, easy installation and delivery, software security, multitenant structure and all software inclusive.
Business Tool
Still managing your business resources with the tedious manual process? It’s time to go up with the trends with TRooTech! We help you handle your business easily by developing automation softwares and services. Eliminate your time consuming manual process, careless human errors and cost.
Internet of Things
Make your device a smart device by our ingeniously tailored software services. TRooTech is a one stop solution to let you pace up with the technological advancements by providing detailed data insights, tracking and reports.
Trading Systems
Launch your trading app set new pinnacles for others. We extensively develop fully-tailored trading system with features such as equity trades and derivatives, stock information, customized market view, place off-market orders, mutual fund investment, ongoing profit/loss potentials, with the entire customer-centric feature.
Travel and Booking Portals
Help the travelers carry out their voyage in a hassle-free manner. Build a travel and hospitality app with us that provides interactive user interface, marketing and promotional tools, customized trips and destinations, admin side backend control, third-party API handling, secured payment gateways, referrals management, easy booking/cancellation, and unmatchable customer satisfaction.
Educational Websites
Let your educational web application run globally with students across the world participating in your endeavor.
Develop an e-learning web arena for the students with all the learning materials and modules, visual tutorials, assignments, tests, and quiz, and a lot more with easy navigation and searchability. Earn while they learn!

Engagement Models

Project Based Engagement
For the instances when the client specifies his requirement in a very precise manner and are bound to be developed within a well defined time and cost, we advocate project based engagement.
The project based engagement is highly implemented when the lifecycle of development is short and no features are to be added or altered.
TRooTech duly shoulders the responsibility to deploy skilled resources that ensures of cent percent quality towards the project.
Dedicated Development Team
At the times, when the specifications and requisites are defined but can change with the digitalization and can be advanced with the technological leaps, we recommend dedicated development team.
The dedicated development team can be integrated when the project development cycle cannot be estimated and additional modules or features can be integrated to the project.
TRooTech understands the significance of constant technological upgrades and employs its best resources and infrastructure to the team that assures uniquity and innovation.

Our Team

Project Manager

The Project Manager holds the entire responsibility to understand the requisites of the clients and communicating the same to the developers while overseeing the process of the project, its progress and completion.


The architect designs a practical blueprint for the entire project and decides the project flow along with the components and sets their seamless connection.


The designer frames an image of the end user’s experience and then designs artistic applications that have the potential to attract users and keep them active by adhering to the interface and experience guidelines.


The coder develops codes to create intricate designs that enhance the overall look of the application by HTML/CSS slicing.

Backend Developer

The mastermind behind assembling the servers, database and APIs is a backend developer. He is the one that develops the admin side controls and features.

Frontend Developer

The frontend developer has the task to evoke emotions in the customers and get them connected to the application instantly with the feel and look of the application.

Quality Control Expert

The Quality Control Expert comes into action once the development of all the modules is done. He checks for the crashes, shutdowns, functions, and operations of the application and get them fixed for once and for all.

SYS Engineer

The SYS Engineer looks after the application once the project is handed over to the client. He advises various cloud solution, sets up scalable server infrastructure and hence creating a comfortable environment for the application.